Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tools 5

Use at least two of the tools above to create products. Think about your content. Create a “set” for one of your lessonsMake a model for a student created product. Embed both products in your blog or link to the products from your blog.Describe for your readers how you think each tool can be incorporated into your classroom - how you could see the tool being used by you instructionally and your students to demonstrate their understanding of a concept or topic in your classroom.
I signed in to two of the tools listed in Tool 5, (Storybird and Mixbook). I created a simple storybook in Storybird which could be used in a variety of my lesson plans (for example, creating a comic strip) it was very easy to do which is important since I teach life skills. Mixbook was interesting also because I could import my own pictures which tends to really personalize things ..If I had enough funds it would be great to create with my stdents a coffee table sized book about their families...may have to pair it down. Love to see them take ownership of a project and could see that here...embeded the storybook from Storybird and her's a link  to the project on Mixbook

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