Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tools 10

Discuss at least three things you would want to make sure your students understand about being good digital citizens. Share at least one of the resources mentioned above or on the Ed Tech website that you plan to use instructionally. Explain briefly how you would "teach" the idea of digital citizenship to your students.Explain briefly how you plan to share the idea of digital citizenship with your parents.
An understanding of the concept of cyber Bullying, basic tips for being kind online,having a vocabulary of cyber secuity issues,Spam and Scams, understanding intellectual property, copyright and plagierism. violations of the SBISD Acceptable Use Policy. How to operate safely, friendly and ethically  in the digital world. I created an account with the and plan on using one of their individual lesson/activities to provide my young learners a positive foundation for e-safety. By teaching a digital etiquette lesson on emailing. Handouts,promoting technology training for parents in the district.

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