Monday, August 13, 2012

Tools 2

Visit at least 5 blogs - choose a few from the list below and a few from your campus wiki (on the right sidebar) and comment to one of the posts. share you thoughts about building and participating in an online community and participating in a PLN. What points stood out to you from the commenting advice? Were you able to apply any of the advice in your comments? How did you feel about sharing your thoughts publicly? Was it different than when you're sharing your successes/challenges with your teammate? Share the url or name of a blog or social network that you plan to visit in the future. What does that site have to offerLooked at 5 edcational blogs as this may be a core subject that I may be treaching in Lifeskills this year..found the writing to vary from casual too academic....but interesting none the less. When I have read some of the posts from my fellow bloggers it looks like they're both excited and nervous about the new technology. I'm ecited about participating in PLN because there is so mch I don't know and can learn from others...I don't have much of a problem sharing my thoughts publicly, interested in fiinding ot how many out there may feel the same way about a topic.  I plan to explore the website listed below since so many of my students lately are coming from that background

Not sure what it has to offer but will be interested to find out...

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  1. Could do a little better job of reviewing my posts...I focsed on 3 of the science blogs and 2 from peers on wiki..