Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tools 9

  1. Why do you think it is important to tie the technology to the
    Why should we hold students accountable for the stations/centers?
    Visit 2 of the applicable links to interactive websites for your content/grade level.
    Which sites did you like. How could you use them as stations? How can you hold
    the students accountable for their time in these stations?
    List two to three apps you found for the iPod Touch/iPad that you can use in your
    classroom. What do you see that station looking like? How can you hold the
    students accountable for their time in these stations?
    about other ways to use the iPod Touch/iPad? Share another way you can see your
    students using the device as a station.
This is the real world we are talking about will be a daily part of their life. They'll probably have a job where they're either working with it or on it. Well this is school and the typical student spends what, five days a week...six hours a day here....We teachers are held accountable...shouldn't the student?? Standardize testing etc...Because I have a life skills classroom I visited two of the sites for early childhood that looked like fun...(Learning Games for Kids and Studyladder). Of the two I liked Studyladder better but they both were interesting.I signed up an account at Studyladder and could see, for example how I could set it up as a station for the food pyramid..there are ways of setting tasks and getting immediate feedback and results. With Learning Games for Kids I could see them can bold the activity they completed that day and write a brief reflection about it.Basically, Having a list of station options and have students sign their name next to what they did.
I received my ipad at the end of the school year last year and basically put some games on it (Free Apps) and brought them home for the summer....For my students I see the ipad customizing reading material to a particular student or using some of the concentration type/match/cause and effect games that I actually download (Pyramid Sol, Dragon Mahjong, Traris, Dots, Amikago). I see that station as more of a relaxed laid back area where the student could get comfortable and read. Another way we could use the ipad and use it as a station utilizing the facetime/camera apps to create a collage/movie??? Maybe the Map App to mark out a route??

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